Monday, 12 September 2016

'Use me as a Sandbag, Sir' 1965 War

'Use me as a Sandbag, Sir' 1965 War Some incidents stay fresh and stick in ones mind throughout life, I wasn't even born when India suddenly attacked Lahore in the wee hours of the morning expecting a walk-in and free lunch. My maternal grandfather B.G.N Kazi was Secretary, Law Department, Govt of West Pakistan then. It was a huge disruption of life as they were suddenly pushed into war mode but the Lahoris showed true mettle. It was a very emotional time , this was told me by my grandmother when I was a little girl. My grandfather wanted to join war efforts as a volunteer, the family had left for Karachi as the war looked very ominous and threatening. Growing restless he wrote to his boss to allow him to join as a volunteer, he felt stuck behind his desk and wanted to serve the country. The boss wrote back that he couldn't allow him, he was already serving Pakistan very well even if behind the desk and moreover, he wasn't even young enough to fight a war. Disheartened, he finally wrote again 'Use me as a sandbag , sir '. He was a diehard patriot all his life and believed in sincerity and hard work, he and his elder brother A.G.N Kazi served Pakistan with sincerity and integrity on many occasions. These words have stuck in my mind throughout my life, I often think that it doesn't even matter if it is a big effort, every drop counts to make an ocean. Pakistan won the 1965 war, there are many tales of valour and bravery to share, but I always remember these words and try to give Pakistan something back. We have to hand the torch onwards to our children as they are in danger of becoming too blasé.

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